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Do you accept exhibition proposals?

We welcome exhibition proposals from photographers and artists, although please be aware that our programme is scheduled 2 to 3 years in advance. If you would like to submit a proposal to Impressions Gallery then please do so in accordance with the guidelines below.

Our programme:
Impressions Gallery supports and exhibits the best in original contemporary photography and we show work that gets people looking, thinking and talking. The gallery has a mixed programme of exhibitions which are either curated in-house, produced in partnership with other galleries or toured from other venues. As we are proactive in going out to find, research and develop work, exhibitions originating from unsolicited proposals are not often included in the programme but we are happy to receive them and each proposal is given careful consideration.

Impressions Gallery's curatorial team meets regularly to view all proposals submitted. Where appropriate, a number of these may progress to the overall Selection Panel Meeting, which is generally held annually and consists of the wider programming team plus those members of our Board of Trustees who are also photographic practitioners. There are no specific deadlines for submissions and we are happy to receive proposals on a rolling basis and keep them until the next meeting.

Before submitting your proposal we strongly advise you view the past exhibitions pages of our website, as these provide a good indication of the type of work programmed at the Gallery. The programme reflects our commitment to supporting new and emerging artists, whilst not precluding established and well known photographers.

What to send:
1. A short statement about your work.
2. A brief covering letter, including your name, address, telephone number and e-mail.
3. Your current CV.
4. Prints (no larger than A4) and / or digital images of your work. We accept the following format: Jpegs (minimum 300 dpi, maximum size 4MB) saved on USB.
5. You are welcome to enclose any supporting material. (e.g catalogues, leaflets, Invitations cards etc.)
6. Do not send original artwork.
7. Do send good quality images that clearly represent your work.
8. A stamped self-addressed envelope to return your proposal. Please note we cannot be responsible for returning work if you do not enclose an SAE.

While we take every care of unsolicited proposals, we cannot accept responsibility for their loss or damage.

Submissions should be addressed to:

Unsolicited Proposals
Impressions Gallery
Centenary Square

A letter acknowledging the submission will be sent on receipt of your proposal. If further information is required we will contact you. Unfortunately due to the number of applications received by Impressions Gallery, we cannot make appointments to meet with individuals to discuss each application. If we wish to follow up a proposal for further discussion we will contact you to arrange a meeting.

Please note that due to the amount of proposals we receive, we cannot respond with individual feedback or comments on your work. If you are seeking this, you might wish to attend one of our regular Sounding Board portfolio reviews throughout the year, where you can meet an exhibiting artist and member of Impressions' curatorial team for one-to-one advice and feedback. Please keep an eye on our website for details of future events or join our mailing list here:

Artistic Vision

Ambition, new ideas and artistic risks are at our creative heart. The programme is an ambitious mix of artists who are original in their approaches to photography. The gallery presents the very best of current photographic work, whilst not losing sight of the history of photography. It stages work that is conceptually and intellectually challenging and does not shy away from art that is perceived to be difficult. It is the gallery’s job to make this work accessible.

Mission Statement

To get people looking, thinking and talking about original contemporary photography by commissioning, and exhibiting new, high quality and risk-taking work by national and international artists.