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Impressions Gallery

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Thursday Late: A Beginners Guide to the Galaxy The search for Dark Matter at Boulby Mine

Thursday 21 January 2010, 6.15pm to 7.45pm

This special event at Impressions Gallery will be a rare opportunity to learn more about astronomy, the Universe and the fascinating search for 'Dark Matter' with one of the UK's leading researchers, Dr Sean Paling.

According to scientists, we only really know what 4% of the Universe is made of - so what about the rest? As well as the stars & galaxies we see on a clear night observations show there is much more out there that we cannot see - a mysterious entity known as 'Dark Matter'.
Dr Sean Paling, Lecturer and Senior Research Associate in Particle Astrophysics
, is part of the UK team working at Boulby Mine, North Yorkshire, who think that Dark Matter may be tiny particles that exist all round us called 'WIMPs' (Weakly Interacting Massive Particles). To try to find these WIMPs Dr Paling and his colleagues are running a number of experiments over 1km underground in a dedicated laboratory at Boulby, one of the world's deepest working mines.

Dr Paling’s talk will begin at 6.30pm and will give an introduction to astronomy, the Universe, and the search for Dark Matter. After a short break for refreshments at 7.15pm, there will be an opportunity to join in a general discussion and ask questions about the experiments currently underway at Boulby.

This free event is inspired by our exhibition Subterrania by Fiona Crisp, which includes two new large-scale photographs made at Boulby Mine. After the event visitors can browse the exhibition with a glass of wine and reflect on how we see the universe.

All are welcome (no prior physics, astronomy or science knowledge needed).

Click here to read more about the work at Boulby Underground Laboratory.

Free event. 

Booking advised.

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