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Impressions Gallery

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Thursday Late: Intermission #1

Thursday 19 August 2010, 6.30pm to 8.00pm

Wander into the wilderness for the first of our relaxed evenings of short film and video, and explore spaces and stories at the edges of nature.

Find a comfy spot, enjoy a cool drink and settle in for a selection of contemporary moving image and short film accompanied by experimental work from film history. The screening will take place in our Studio, with the backdrop of our temporary indoor Forest to set the scene.

There'll also be a chance to explore our current exhibition On Overgrown Paths by filmmaker Ben Rivers, where three ramshackle wooden cabins, assembled by the artist house flickering 16mm films revealing the lives of modern-day hermits living in isolated spots in Northern Europe.

Doors 6.00pm, films start from 6.30pm


Emily Richardson / UK / 2004 / 9min
Colour, light and shadow shift across the surface of the forest as the period of a year is condensed into minutes. With audio piece by Benedict Drew.

Susanna Wallin / UK / 2008 / 12min
Marker is an impressionistic and haunting portrait of a young girl catching reindeer in the twilight woods of northern Sweden.

On Miles Platting Station

Kate Jessop / UK / 2007 / 3min
Following Simon Armitage's metaphoric journey from the Pennine moors down into the bustle and noises of central Manchester, dedicated to a ghost station that no longer exists.

Memo Mori   
Emily Richardson / UK / 2009 / 23min
A journey through Hackney shot over the last three years tracing loss and disappearance in the landscape. With commentary and readings from Hackney, That Red Rose Empire by Iain Sinclair.

Peter and Ben
Pinny Grylls / UK / 2007 / 10min
Peter and Ben is a touching and quirky story of how two "black-sheep" form an unusual and enduring bond in a remote valley in Wales.

A Portrait of Ga
Margaret Tait / UK / 1952 / 4min
A touching portrait of Tait’s mother set in her native, wind-blown Orkney Islands.

From 'Marker' courtesy of Susanna Wallin

From 'Marker' courtesy of Susanna Wallin

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From 'Marker' courtesy of Susanna Wallin From 'On Miles Platting Station' courtesy of Kate Jessop From 'Aspect' courtesy of Emily Richardson and LUX, London From 'A Portrait of Ga' courtesy of 'Margaret Tait' and LUX, London From 'Peter and Ben' courtesy of Pinny Grylls and Future Shorts From 'Memo Mori', courtesy of Emily Richardson and LUX, London