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Impressions Gallery

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Daytrippers Art Tours

Friday 15 April 2011, 2.30pm to 9.00pm

Hop on the free Art Bus and discover another side to Bradford!

Look out for the striking retro orange and green Art Bus as it tours around Bradford’s galleries, museums, and creative places. It’s an easy fun and free way to travel around the city and see lots of fantastic exhibitions – and don’t worry if you haven’t been to a gallery before, friendly staff will meet and greet you.

The vintage Art Bus, courtesy of Keighley Bus Museum, has a simple route and a welcoming conductor to keep you entertained and informed along the way.

You can do as little or as much as you like. Whether you’re hopping on for one stop or staying for the whole tour, enjoy a leisurely trip around Bradford looking at eye catching, interesting exhibitions with free tours and creative activities.

The final tour, departs from the National Media Museum at 5.30pm and goes to South Square in Thornton and then off to the Bronte Parsonage in Haworth for the opening night of their new show. You could then pop into one of the lovely local pubs before making your way back to Bradford. (Timetables for local buses and trains will be provided). 

Daytrippers Art Tours, Friday 15 April 2011, Art Bus Timetable

Media Museum depart                              1430        1530        1630       

University (Richmond Building)                1438        1538        1638       

Cathedral/KalaSangam (Church Bank)    1445        1545        1645   
Cartwright Hall (North Park Rd)               1505        1605        1705

Centenary Square (Godwin St)                1517        1617        1720

Media Museum arrive                               1520        1620        1723

Media Museum depart                                                              1730   

University (opposite Richmond Building)                                  1733

Thornton (South Square) arrive                                                1800

Thornton (South Square) depart                                               1830

Haworth (Bronte Parsonage)                                                    1915

Bus Stops and Venue Details

National Media Museum (Forecourt) Stop. 1430, 1530, 1630, 17.30 (pickup only)

The Lives of Great Photographers
Gallery One, showing 14 April to 4 September 2011
The Lives of Great Photographers
is a compelling new exhibition drawn exclusively from the Museum's extensive and diverse Photography Collection, including works from The Royal Photographic Society Collection and the Daily Herald Archive. Together this exhibition presents a selection of photographs by some of the greatest photographers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Churches, David Spero 
Gallery Two, showing 14 April to 4 September 2011
David Spero presents a selection of photographs from his series Churches. Taken in London between 2001 and 2006 the photographs document buildings that feature none of the usual monumental architecture of the traditional church with its overt symbolism of status and power. Temporary, semi-permanent and often un-consecrated, the churches are where we would least expect to find them, located in industrial estates, shopping parades, houses, cinemas, above pubs and commercial properties they reveal a contingent architecture of buildings that were never designed to be places of worship.

University (Richmond Building) Stop. 1438, 1538, 1638, 1733 (pickup only)

Wonderland, Robert Hope 
Gallery II, University of Bradford
Robert Hope makes work that mixes structure and styles and handwriting to create scenes of half-remembered and half-imagined places and events.  The results are an engaging series of magical, humorous, sad and quirky worlds, partially identifiable and partially mediated through a childlike fiction and borrowing from youth culture and autobiographical and art historicy connections.

Cathedral / KalaSangam (Church Bank) Stop. 1445, 1545, 1645

Bradford Cathedral
The Illumination Exhibition tells the story of the King James Bible in its historical context and explains the importance of the text today. You can view a 1616 copy, recently discovered in the Cathedral plus a 1605 copy of the Geneva Bible, as well as take in the magnificent medieval architecture of the Cathedral, including very early examples of William Morris Stained Glass.

Dance Interpretation 
Kala Sangam
The adjoining St Peters House is the home of acclaimed South East Asian Arts Group, Kala Sangam, who will offer a dance Iinterpretation of everyone’s favourite King James Bible Psalm - Psalm 23 "The Lords my Shepherd", as well as the chance to sample drinks & light refreshments in Daisies Café, which opens to the public this afternoon to coincide with the Daytrippers events.

Cartwright Hall (North Park Rd) Stop. 1505, 1605, 1705 (pickup only)

Cartwright Hall showing 19 February to 31 July 2011
This exhibition is a celebration of childhood from the Victorian era (1837 – 1901) and features paintings, toys and clothing from the permanent collections held by Bradford Museums and Galleries.

Bradford Open 
Cartwright Hall showing 12 March to 5 June 2011
The Bradford Open is an unrivalled showcase for the district’s artistic talent. Artists and craftspersons (16 or over) who live or work in the Bradford district have submitted up to three works to a selection panel, who will award prizes to the very best.

Centenary Square (Godwin St) Stop. 1517, 1617, 1720

LOVE ME, Zed Nelson 
Impressions Gallery showing 4 March to 29 May 2011
Award-winning photographer Zed Nelson reflects on the cultural and commercial forces that drive a global obsession with youth and beauty.

Six Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm, David Hockney 
Bradford 1 Gallery showing 10 Dec 2010 to 15 May 2011
This exhibition, from the fine art collection of Bradford Museums and Galleries, displays the full series of thirty-nine etchings Hockney produced in 1969 to illustrate six tales from the Brothers Grimm.

Young Bradford Artists, Lisa Naylor and Rebecca Croft Self-portrait Studio 
Pop-up Art Space

Thornton (South Square) Stop. arr 1800, dep1830

Dreams of Permanence, Hopes of Transience, Conrad Atkinson
South Square Gallery, Thornton showing 2 April to 22 May 2011
Thornton, the birthplace of the Brontë siblings, provides a fertile setting to revisit a past installation (For Emily, 1992) and unveil new drawings by internationally renowned artist Conrad Atkinson.

Haworth (Bronte Parsonage) Stop. arr 1915**

To be forever known
, Catherine Bertola
Bronte Parsonage Museum showing 15 April to 8 July 2011
A new sound installation - this evening is the opening night so a chance to meet the artist (Opening is 7 to 9pm)
** People travelling to Haworth for the opening night will need to make their own way back (see pink timetable for details)

Public Transport details from Haworth


Transdev Keighley & District buses         665      663      665     663      665   
Haworth Old Hall Hotel                            2010    2040    2110    2140    2210
Keighley Bus Station                               2030    2100    2130    2200    2230   

Bus 663 departs from outside Haworth Old Hall Hotel.
Bus 665 departs from the shelter across the road from Haworth Old Hall, at Haworth Park Top.

Transdev Keighley & District buses    662       697     662       662     697      662      662
Keighley Bus Station                           2055    2100    2125    2155    2200    2225    2255
Bradford Interchange                          2138    2151    2208    2238    2251    2308    2338

Evening Buses from Haworth often arrive at Keighley Bus Station up to 5 mins earlier than the time advertised; in which case, it may be possible to catch a slightly earlier bus to Bradford. 


Keighley Railway Station               2052    2107    2131    2207    2231
Bradford Forster Square Station    2112    2129    2157    2231    2257

Allow 7-8mins to walk from Keighley Bus Station to Keighley Railway Station.

For further information, please contact Gallery II on 01274 233365 from 8 April. Mon to Fri, 11am to 5pm. On the day until 5.30pm.