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Intermission #5: Film Screening with Cherry Kino

Saturday 26 November 2011, 2.00pm to 4.00pm

Join us for a relaxed afternoon of artists films exploring the transmission of history and the construction of collective memory. Programmed in collaboration with Cherry Kino.

There will also be a chance to view our exhibition Hidden by Red Saunders, which recreates momentous but overlooked events in the history of Britain’s struggle for democracy and equality.

Mulled wine, hot tea and comfy sofas.
Entry £3.00, Booking advised.


Black and White: the other side of images – Klub Zwei
2003 / Austria / UK / 5’ 00
This short video by group of female artists Klub Zwei questions the use and misuse of images presented as historical documents and their subsequent meaning in the present. Over a white screen, Rosemarie Nief, head of the photographic archive at the Institute of Contemporary History, analyses the ways in which the media represent photo documents of the Holocaust. Her statements are juxtaposed with black and white excerpts of text by photography curator Clément Chéroux published in his work Memory of the Camps.

Perfect Film – Ken Jacobs
1986 / USA / 22' 00
Jacobs stumbled across this ‘Perfect Film’ containing raw eyewitness accounts on the assassination of Malcolm X, and didn’t touch it at all. As we move through unedited interviews weaved with false starts, preparation for the camera, an inappropriate grin and a pregnant silence we see the story of the assassination change and grow with its power.

Pinochet’s Women – Eduardo Menz
2004 / Canada / 12’ 00
By repetitively intertwining television reports of two very different but significant women – one a beauty queen and the other a student activist – Menz examines the differing roles and expectations for women during the brutal dictatorship of Pinochet in the 1980s and the mass-media’s construction of public memory.

- Intermission -

Remake – Christophe Guerin
2007 / France / 8’ 00
Remake was created from a Super 8mm film shot in the 1980’s. The fragments have been edited by superimposing the different takings of the same scenes. The resulting image is an impossible document: the simultaneous presence of several states that could have been.

Journal No.1 An Artists Impression – Hito Steyerl
2007 / Germany / 21’ 00
An Artist’s Impression depicts an attempt by Hito Steyerl to reconstruct a Bosnian newsreel originally made in 1947 and subsequently destroyed in the 1990's during the Bosnian war. The original was created at a time of great social change with the content of Journal No.1 portraying a progressive Bosnian education campaign for Muslim women. Stereyl collects the testimonies of eyewitnesses, and according to her instructions collaborating artist Arman Kulasic draws a storyboard for some of the lost film. Documentary images are also used and whenever there are no such images excerpts from fiction films are employed. The result is a complex reflection on documents, history, memory, and the relationships between images.

Buffalo Lifts – Christina Battle
2004 / Canada / 3’ 00
This hand-processed and manipulated work considers the material possibilities of film to explore history and the act of collective rememberance. The film consists of one silent sequence depicting a buffalo herd running through a field. Battle highlights the demise of the buffalo, forced since the early 1900's to move from long established grazing patterns, they have since been hunted into virtual extinction across North America. By pulling the emulsion off the base of the film (a technique known as “emulsion lift”) and re-applying it in a collage, she creates an act of fabrication rather than a record of reality.

Blight – John Smith
1994-96 / UK / 14’ 00
Blight records some of the changes that occurred during the building of the M11 Link Road in East London over a two-year period, using images and sounds of demolition and road building in conjunction with reminiscences of local residents. Although entirely constructed from records of real events Blight challenges the common understanding of documentary and explores the ambiguities of reality. The evocative soundtrack by composer Jocelyn Pook creates a collage of voices and natural sounds, which blurs the distinction between speech and music to create it’s own story.


'Remake' Christophe Guerin

'Remake' Christophe Guerin

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'Remake' Christophe Guerin 'Black and White - the back of the image' Klub Zwei 'Perfect Film' Ken Jacobs 'Pinochet's Women' Eduardo Menz 'Journal No.1 An Artists Impression' Hito Steyerl 'Buffalo Lifts' Christina Battle 'Blight' John Smith