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Artist Talk: Stephen Vaughan

Saturday 29 March 2008, 2pm to 3pm

Have your say as featured photographer Stephen Vaughan talks about his work in the exhibition Ultima Thule, with plenty of time for your questions.

Vaughan’s stunning large-scale photographs of the Icelandic landscape explore the connections between geology, archaeology and history. Using a cumbersome large-format camera, Vaughan has made richly detailed, monumental studies of this otherworldly region. These awe-inspiring images reveal landscapes marked by volcanic activity, shifting tectonic plates, vast glaciers and steaming, sulphurous pools.

"My photographs depict some of the rawest and youngest surfaces on Earth, allowing the viewer to imagine the prehistoric beginnings of the landscape, void of any human presence or history." Stephen Vaughan.

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Stephen Vaughan with Gandolfi camera in Iceland  Andy Roberts

Stephen Vaughan with Gandolfi camera in Iceland Andy Roberts