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Impressions Gallery

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YPN Yorkshire Photography Network

Thursday 5 March, 6pm to 7.30pm

Get connected at this informal meeting for photographers to socialise and swap feedback in a friendly setting.

Charlie Meecham, photographer and coordinator of the Bradford Grid, will be speaking about the history of the group and issues associated with working on group projects.

Booking essential.


Thanks for letting me signing this cute YPN Yorkshire Photography Network.

Almark Modan

I think the YPN is great. Have you thought about touring yorkshire to give opportunity of different areas to get involved? I'm in Hull and we have very little in the way of galleries etc. It would be great if you could have a 'touring' photography network, or have branches in each of the major regions of Yorkshire. The reason being, its a long way to go to bradford from here for an hour or so meeting. Is their anyway with funding from you that we could set something up here? there are lots of keen people, it could spark a photography revolution in hull and maybe one day we might have another gallery here in the city!!!!
Breda C Wright.

Breda C Wright