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Impressions Gallery

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A Guide to Yorkshire Rivers

Simon Warner

28th Jul - 30th Jul 2006

Impressions Gallery presents Simon Warner's epic three-part video installation A Guide to Yorkshire Rivers, taking viewers on a wild ride down the Aire, the Wharfe and the Ouse. Showing as part of the Bradford Inspired festival, this is the first time the triptych has been shown publically in its intended format.

The three films in A Guide to Yorkshire Rivers chart the relentless journey of the three rivers from their respective sources to eventual convergence in the Ouse estuary.

Instead of conventional filming, the artist ingeniously utilised miniature cameras mounted on a radio-controlled model boat and raft, contrasting with (in the case of the Wharfe) aerial views from a small airship.

The mobile, often turbulent, camerawork is intensified by the interplay of the films, projected side by side on three screens. Warner says, "I wanted to offer an experience of nature that was very different from the static view of the traditional landscape art. In these films you are virtually immersed by the rivers' flow."

Venue: Centenary Square, Bradford

Installation: A Guide to Yorkshire Rivers

Installation: A Guide to Yorkshire Rivers

Simon Warner