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13th Sep - 09th Nov 2008

Thirteen artists from the North take on the challenge of creating a short film limited to a single, locked-off shot. Projected at large scale, their diverse responses exploit the superb detail of HD (high definition video) and explore the tension between the still photograph and the moving image.

Commissioned by innovative audio-visual arts organisation Lumenread more the resulting eleven films display a surprising range of approaches, from darkly humorous to serenely contemplative. Lost and Found, by James Shilton, finds drama in a late night railway station; Twin Piers, Whitby by Katy Woods evokes the grandeur of the North Sea; whilst the inhabitant of a motorway island house shares his experiences in Esther Johnson’s Highway Home.

Other films include Forte by Steven Anderson, Ornithopter by James Brown, Contagious by Geoff Clout, Candlelit by Christopher Hall and Alexander Kelly, Track by Sean Kaye and Jenny West, Window by Chris Lillywhite, Wind Turbine by Peter Spence, and Examination Schools by Louise K. Wilson.

Composure is showing as part of Ways of Lookingread more the multi-venue event for photography and new media in Leeds and Bradford during the month of September.

Composure was commissioned by Lumenread more with support from Screen Yorkshire, and The National Lottery through Arts Council England.



Exhibition Resources

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'Lost and Found' by James Shilton

'Lost and Found' by James Shilton

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'Lost and Found' by James Shilton 'Track' by Sean Kaye and Jenny West 'Window' by Chris Lillywhite 'Candlelit' by Christopher Hall and Alex Kelly 'Contagious' by Geoff Clout 'Ornithopter' by James Brown 'Twin Piers, Whitby' by Katy Woods 'Examination Schools' by Louise K. Wilson 'Wind turbine' by Peter Spence 'Forte' by Steven Anderson 'Highway Home' by Esther Johnson


It's really looking interesting and now I am planning to go to this exhibition, as me myself is interested in photography.There will be a lot for me to learn and experience.

Salmaan Ayub

Lost and Found was amazing. I wish i could buy a copy, so emotional and real. Felt like i could be there. Amazing! It made the hairs on the back of my neck perk up.

I believe that it shows the composure of the human soul.

Was awesome!!

The "Train" film: liked the idea of the suggestible narrative or some other unknown story going on.