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Impressions Gallery

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Fiona Crisp

20th Nov - 24th Jan 2010

Subterrania, a solo exhibition of large scale photographic works by British artist Fiona Crisp, invites the viewer to explore underground worlds. Two new works made in Yorkshire, specially commissioned by Impressions Gallery, will be unveiled for the first time in Bradford.

Crisp’s compelling images are selected from several series of works developed over the last eight years. They were made at various European locations, including Early Christian catacombs in Rome, a lead mining museum in County Durham, a Second World War underground hospital in Guernsey and Geevor, a tin mine in West Cornwall. The exhibition includes two new works made at Boulby, on the North Yorkshire / Cleveland coast. They have been created at a working potash mine that also houses a laboratory dedicated to the search for dark matter, an invisible and elusive substance believed by astronomers to hold galaxies together.

The disparate locations for these images were chosen by Crisp both for the sense of physical power they evoke, and the fact that they their original purpose has changed. Now opened up to very different users, they bring into question the complex relationships between heritage and tourism, science and history. Crisp is known for making large-scale photographic installations that explore the relationship between photography and architectural space. One of the central themes in her work is the gap between physical experience and visual perception: between encountering a space and the subsequent visualisation of that scene.

Showing as part of Underground, a season exploring subterranean experiences in the cultural imagination through exhibitions, talks and events.

Subterrania is a Newlyn Art Gallery touring exhibition.

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Pump Lodge 2009  Fiona Crisp

Pump Lodge 2009 Fiona Crisp

Fiona Crisp

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Pump Lodge 2009  Fiona Crisp #3 Safe Haven, 2009  Fiona Crisp