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Sharpe's Wood

Liza Dracup

18th Aug - 07th Oct 2007

Ever since she can remember, Bradford born photographer Liza Dracup has been fascinated by the mystery of the woods and what she describes as the “fear and curiosity of both night and woodland…and childhood experiences associated with myth and memory”. In this new body of work, Dracup has chosen to explore her intimate knowledge of a woodland space on the outskirts of a city.

Watch Liza Dracup talk about her work in the exhibition Sharpe's Wood.

Dracup has said that the fear she experiences when going out to work at night is a driving force and a reason to return time and time again to photograph in these woods. Sharpe’s Wood offers us an alternative reality which is situated, as she says, “on the edge of the real”.

Sharpe’s Wood is a new body of work commissioned by Impressions Gallery.  It was made over a period of four years. This is the very first exhibition at Impressions Gallery’s new Centenary Square venue.

To find out more about Liza Dracup and her work, please visit her website at


The accompanying publication Sharpe’s Wood, with images by Liza Dracup and essay by curator Anne McNeill, is published as part of the imPRESS series, price £3.50 and is available in our Shop.

Exhibition on tour

PM Gallery, London 13 November 2010 to 8 January 2011
St James's University Hospital, Leeds 14 April to 14 July 2010

Untitled from the series Sharpe's Wood

Untitled from the series Sharpe's Wood

Liza Dracup

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Untitled from the series Sharpe's Wood Untitled from the series Sharpe's Wood Untitled from the series Sharpe's Wood


Very surreal and magnificent. Magical surroundings. Should have been even bigger!

Eerie! You could stand and get lost in these images for hours, they set the imagination running....they tell a real story.

You have a very good eye for details and the pictures are very beautiful and interesting. Keep up the good work!

You’ve captured images i can only dream of. Good work.

For me these photo’s capture the spirit and magic of the woods perfectly .

Mesmerizingly fantastic. Very inspiring!

Sumptuous photo’s. Such an atmospheric selection of images to contrast with the rush of city life outside.

The longer you stare at them the colors intensify and the whole scene becomes alive - living photo’s like nothing on earth!?

Very visual and breathtaking colors. Perhaps some views of differing seasons would convey a more overall impression and variety in the works

Spooky, haunting, inspiring, magnificent - superbly original. Well done.

A Fairytale. How one manages to embody light and day in the same picture so naturally, its magical.

Gosh - These are really amazing. They go beyond the ’real’ and have an ’other worldly’ feel to them. i think seeing the collection together is wonderful. Thank you for this inspiring exhibition.