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Impressions Gallery

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Studio Exhibition: The Way We Were

28th Sep - 16th Feb 2013

The Way We Were is a selection of over 75 original posters from the first twenty years of Impressions Gallery.

Established in 1972, we were one of the first independent contemporary photography galleries in Europe. For the last forty years we have supported and encouraged artists who have challenged and changed photography. We have often been the first gallery to show work that new photographers went on to be known for. Included are posters from some early exhibitions by Daniel Meadows, Martin Parr and Fay Godwin.

There are also posters of retrospectives of historic work Sir Cecil Beaton, August Sander, and colour work from the Farm Security Association (FSA).

Throughout our history we have taken risks and shown work that is perceived to be difficult, such as Ecstatic Antibodies, the first artistic response to the AIDS crisis and Drum, 1950s photographs from pre-apartheid South Africa.

The Way We Were demonstrates the groundbreaking impact that Impressions Gallery has had on photographic culture in Britain since 1972 and reflects the changing face of design and typography in the 1970s and 80s.

Home Sweet Home by Martin Parr, 1974

Home Sweet Home by Martin Parr, 1974

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Home Sweet Home by Martin Parr, 1974 From Shore to Shining Shore, 1978 Paul Tanqueray, Mondays Children, 1978 Documentary Photographs by Weegee the Famous and Andrew Yeadon, 1979