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Impressions Gallery

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Studio exhibition: Bradford Is...

01st Mar - 06th Apr 2013

What does Bradford mean to you?

Bradford is… showcases one outcome from a three-month long community project that responded to Impressions Gallery’s recent 40th Anniversary exhibition Roads to Wigan Pier. First shown in 1984, the exhibition depicted life in the North of England.

Inspiration for Bradford is… came from Gillian Wearing’s Signs that say what you want them to say and not signs that say what someone else wants you to say (1992). In this iconic series of photographs, the artist asked strangers to write a message on a card and then be photographed by her.

Bradford is…
worked with a cross section of the community through a range of workshops and activities, including evenings of street portraiture in City Park; a Saturday family event at the gallery; a youth forum; and Youthful Creations, a young entrepreneur scheme running a pop-up shop in the city centre. Each group or individual was asked to give their opinion on what Bradford is to them – or what it could be.

A partnership project as part of Artworks’ Creative Communities Creative Together, a programme of community workshops with a creative focus to help families enjoy learning together and about each other, funded by a Big Lottery: Family Learning Grant. With thanks to photographer Jonathan Turner and Danny Carroll at Bradford Community Broadcasting.

Exhibition runs from 1 March to 6 April 2013

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