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Impressions Gallery

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Andy Eccleston & Ron Wright

18th Sep - 13th Nov 2004

Fascinated by the links between science, art and matter, Andy Eccleston and Ron Wright explore the visual qualities of musical instruments and scientific imaging techniques as a means of expressing the often-complicated relationships between the body and mind.

Describing Acousma as ‘a soundtrack to the unconscious’, Eccleston and Wright have manipulated the voice of opera singer Vicki Sharpe to create an entirely new sound. Upon entering the gallery, the audience is immediately immersed into an eerie three-dimensional soundscape, visualised by a hypnotic video projection of medical ‘brain slice’ imagery which reveals Eccleston’s semi-conscious mental activity.

Inspired by a report of the potential demise of the Hallé Orchestra, Spindrift is a clinical study into ‘the death of an orchestra’. Using an endoscope to probe the insides of neglected instruments, the viewer is taken along the secret path of the musician’s breath. These intimate images reveal hidden tones within their circular form, with each image emitting its own sound. As these sounds gather they form an entire orchestral composition.

Requiem originated from Isaiah Berlin’s observation of the composer Verdi: ‘a man who dissolved everything in his art’. In this video projection, a French horn is slowly dissolved in acid, creating an array of colour and erratic movement. Accompanied by the mournful sound of its own destruction, the instrument disappears only to begin to reappear: as the smooth curving metallic form of the instrument reforms from within the destructive acid, the sounds and images make subtle parallels to life, death and the possibility of eventual rebirth.

A partnership between Impressions Gallery and The Bonington Gallery. Commissioned by Opera North



Andy Eccleston & Ron Wright

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Requiem Spindrift Acousma