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Impressions Gallery

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This Is Me

09th Jul - 07th Feb 2015

This Is Me is a new public artwork created by young people taking part in Impressions’ Start programme, supported by The Prince’s Foundation for Children and the Arts.

The 6 metre tall mosaic of students’ faces fills the entire window of Impressions Gallery, visible from Godwin Street and Princes Street and facing the former Bradford Odeon. This highly visible window has previously exhibited artwork by Turner Prize winning artist Douglas Gordon.

Over 200 students aged 13 to 16 from Samuel Lister Academy, Grange Technology College and Buttershaw Business and Enterprise College took part in a year-long series of inspiring workshops both in their school and at Impressions Gallery. These workshops developed their understanding of photography and how it can shape their view of the world.

This Is Me was created in collaboration with Bradford-based multimedia artist Shanaz Gulzar. Each student gained new skills in portraiture photography workshops and used professional studio equipment to photograph their peers. The students then developed research and editing skills finding images they felt represent their character and interests. Through digital manipulation they combined the images to show us their developing identities, their multiple interests and their aspirations.

An accompanying short film features a sequence of students’ portraits, morphing from one face into the next, bringing to life their changing emotions. The film is shown in Impressions’ reception area and on Bradford’s Big Screen throughout the exhibition.


Launch of This Is Me

Launch of This Is Me

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Launch of This Is Me Artist Shanaz Gulzar and Start teachers External shot of This Is Me Detail of This Is Me


An amazing piece of work showing a deeper insight into the young people of Bradford

Exhibition Visitor

This is a very nice exhibition. Thank you. I will be coming back again.

Exhibition Visitor

Awesome work. A great reflection of young people in Bradford, how diverse we are, how talented we are and how unique. I wish my school had been involved.

This is really cool. I enjoyed the display and all of the kids look happy. Well done.

It is good to see children from different areas of Bradford coming together and making a unique piece of art. I would love to hear the views of the children and how they came up with the ideas!

An interesting way to blur the line between the way a person views themselves and how others see them.