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David Chancellor

07th Oct - 06th Dec 2014

Please be aware that this exhibition includes photographs of hunting taking place and dead animals. Some visitors may find this distressing.

explores the complex relationship between humans and animals, documenting the game hunting industry in Sub-Saharan Africa. This is the most comprehensive exhibition in the UK of Chancellor’s work to date, including many images exhibited for the first time.

Historically a source of revenue for colonial governments, trophy hunting has now become a controversial yet major industry, taking place in 23 African countries, and generating over 200 million dollars a year.

Over a six year period, Chancellor documented the many aspects of big game hunting, gaining access into the pseudo-wilderness reserved for this unique kind of tourism, usually off-limits to outsiders. Embedded within hunting groups, Chancellor gained an insider view of the pursuit, resulting in a series of compelling and intimate portraits of hunters with their prey, as well as local workers reliant on the industry for their livelihood.

The selection for the exhibition includes Chancellor’s iconic portrait of fourteen year Josie Slaughter, Huntress with Buck, winner of the 2010 Taylor Wessing National Portrait Prize. This image forms part of a wider narrative, extending to photographs of the taxidermy process and hunters’ trophy rooms. In this final series, Chancellor reveals lavish spaces adorned with souvenirs in the form of heads, hides and horns of dead animals.

Together, the meticulously detailed images offer an insight into what Chancellor describes as the ‘Wildlife Industry’, exploring issues of welfare, conservation and the ethics of an unconventional type of tourism.

A touring exhibition from INSTITUTE and David Chancellor.

David Chancellor (born London, 1961) is a multi award winning documentary photographer based in South Africa. He has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions, exhibited in major galleries and museums, and published worldwide. Named Nikon Photographer of the Year three times, he received a World Press Photo Award in 2010 for Elephant Story from the series Hunters. Chancellor won the Taylor Wessing National Portrait Prize in 2010, exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery London. In 2012 he received a Sony World Photography Award (Nature and Wildlife) and Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award. In 2013 he received the World Understanding Award in the Pictures of the Year International competition; the Kuala Lumpur International Photo Award for portraiture; the Vienna International Photo Award for documentary photography; and the Kontinent Award for documentary photography. He is represented by INSTITUTE.

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Trophy Room, Dallas, Texas, USA

Trophy Room, Dallas, Texas, USA

David Chancellor

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Trophy Room, Dallas, Texas, USA Trophy Room, West Texas, USA Huntress with Buck, Eastern Cape, South Africa Eastern Cape, South Africa Giraffe, Somerset East, Eastern Cape, South Africa Leopard with Dogs, Namibia


David Chancellor’s images are beautifully shot with a powerful subject matter. Exhibitions are at their best when the viewer is left reflecting what they have left.

Exhibition Visitor

David Chancellor’s images are beautifully shot with a powerful subject matter. Exhibitions are at their best when the viewer is left reflecting what they have left.

It was wonderful, thank you.

Exhibition Visitor

Powerful, upsetting but necessary images. Thank you for your bravery in revealing this world and your commitment in aiming to show all aspects of a very complex issue. These images will stay with me for a long time.

Art was never made to look nice, it was made to make you feel something and this exhibition does that and beyond.

Exhibition Visitor

Grave topic and a very sensitive issue considering some of the animals are endangered species. It is very brave of you to highlight this illegal trade. The photography was excellent.

I did not expect to be so move by the images. I’m struck by how invisible the animals became in the photographs where people stood with their trophies. Overall this is an excellent, thought-provoking exhibition.

Exhibition Visitor