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Light Night 2006: Sharpe's Wood

Liza Dracup

06th Oct - 15th Oct 2006

Ever since she could remember, Liza Dracup has been fascinated by the magic of woods and forests. In this new body of work, commissioned by Impressions Gallery, Liza has turned her attention to a wood on the outskirts of Bradford. Shot between sunset and sunrise, and often in the dead of night, these rich colour photographs tap into the varying nuances of darkness.

Dracup says, “The camera created a hole in the night and revealed a covert world observed in the shadows. It presents us with a world of contradictions – where there was dark, now is illuminated. Photography has engaged us with a land once veiled by the night.” Lit up throughout the night, the light boxes will enable viewers to connect with the artist’s method of capturing these images between dusk and dawn.

Venue: Centenary Square, Bradford

This outdoor presentation offers a taster of Sharpe’s Wood before it goes on show in its entirety at Impressions Gallery’s new Centenary Square venue in 2007.

For more information on the Illuminate Light Night Festival visit:

Untitled from the series Sharpe's Wood

Untitled from the series Sharpe's Wood

Liza Dracup

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Untitled from the series Sharpe's Wood Sharpe's Wood: LightNight 2006 Sharpe's Wood: LightNight 2006