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Impressions Gallery


Impressions on tour: Murray Ballard's The Prospect of Immortality in Mexico City

Tue, 24th Sep, 2013

Work from Murray Ballard’s The Prospect of Immortality will be exhibited in Mexico City as part of the Festival of New Media Art and Video: Transitio_MX05 Biomediations.
The work will be on display at Centro Nacional de las Artes in Mexico City from Tuesday 24 September to Sunday 29 September. The exhibition premiered at Impressions in 2010.

Transitio_MX05 showcases still and moving image, video and sound art, data visualisation and computer art, installation and performance. It also features bioart, a genre where genes, living tissue, blood, viruses and bacteria constitute the artist’s material. Life and death in Mexican culture is a particularly important aspect of the festival.

In The Prospect of Immortality Murray Ballard offers an amazing insight into the practice of cryonics: the process of freezing a human body after death in the hope that scientific advances may one day bring it back to life.

The result of five year’s unprecedented access and international investigation, Ballard’s images take the viewer on a journey through the tiny but dedicated international cryonics community, from the English seaside retirement town of Peacehaven; to the high-tech laboratories of Arizona; to the rudimentary facilities of Kriorus, just outside Moscow.  Worldwide there are approximately 200 ‘patients’ stored permanently in liquid nitrogen, with a further thousand people signed up for cryonics after death.

Exhibition on tour at Centro Nacional de las Artes  24 September to 29 September 2013.