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Impressions Gallery


Studio exhibition: Secret Diaries

Thu, 7th Aug, 2008

Secret Diaries
7 August to 28 September 2008

This exhibition was created by a group of young people from the Bradford Youth Development Partnership in collaboration with Impressions Gallery. Using the work of artist Anna Foxread more as inspiration, they worked with photographer AJ Wilkinson to create a range of photographs that reflects their everyday lives and interests.

Over a period of eight days the young people were given a digital camera to take home and document their lives. They also kept a diary to write down their thoughts, feelings and ideas about their work. Some of the diary entries are displayed to show their ideas at different stages of the project.

The exhibition is on display in the Studio
Opening times vary, please call ahead

By Shama Parveen Iqbal, Age 14

By Shama Parveen Iqbal, Age 14