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Impressions Gallery


Bradford Pride of Place Project Hub

Wed, 27th May, 2015

Closing Party Saturday 11 July 6.00pm to 9.00pm

11 June to 11 July
Fuse Art Space, Rawson Place, Bradford
Open 11am to 6pm daily, closed Sunday & Monday

What does Bradford mean to you? Are the Bantams brill? Is Idle active? Are there certain West Yorkshire ways? Is The Kirkgate kool? What would make a great souvenir of Bradford? What hidden or unusual attractions would you show visitors?

To complement their exhibition, extra{ordinary}, at Impressions Gallery, artists Jan Williams and Chris Teasdale of The Caravan Gallery will be transforming Fuse Art Space in central Bradford (behind Wilkos and just across the road from Oastler Market) into a dynamic art exhibition-cum-alternative visitor information centre exploring Bradford in all its multifaceted glory.

From 11 June to 11 July 2015 the Bradford Pride of Place Project will give visitors an opportunity to define where they live - and how they live - in the twenty-first century, through research conducted in the spirit of ‘Mass Observation’. The exhibition will open with photos of Bradford by The Caravan Gallery as a catalyst to get people talking as well as selected images from The Caravan Gallery's open submission photography competition, and Bradford Video Portraits, a short film created by New Focus, our young people's project group.

The Caravan Gallery are inviting local residents and visitors to contribute by sharing their views and using their creative talents - writing, photography, drawing, video, sculpture, singing, knitting, whatever - to help produce a wonderfully anarchic and refreshingly honest exhibition celebrating the city and its character. As well as artwork, The Caravan Gallery are keen to see old postcards, books and brochures, souvenirs and memorabilia of Bradford. Items may be scanned and returned or kept until the end of the exhibition, alternatively they can be donated to The Caravan Gallery archive.

The exhibition will grow day by day as visitors add their own observations, little known facts and creations to The People’s Map and The People’s Wall. An unusually entertaining survey will also give residents and visitors from elsewhere a chance to say what they think about Bradford, past present and future.

The Caravan Gallery say, ‘This is a great opportunity for the people of Bradford to show off their local knowledge and creativity! Everyone is welcome to participate - schools, colleges, art and craft groups, photography and local history societies, sports associations, gardening clubs, writers and musicians, local food producers, shoppers, road sweepers, civil servants etc. We want to know about your Bradford.’

Get involved by attending the launch of the project on Thursday 11 June, 6pm to 9pm, and pop back over the course of the month to see the exhibition evolve, with a final closing celebration on the 11 July, 6pm to 9pm. Beyond this, look out for a special commemorative publication celebrating the project towards the end of the year.

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Bingo, Bradford 2015  The Caravan Gallery

Bingo, Bradford 2015 The Caravan Gallery

Bingo, Bradford 2015  The Caravan Gallery Favourite building, Bradford 2015  The Caravan Gallery Good home, Bradford 2015  The Caravan Gallery The Caravan Gallery, the Bluecoat, Liverpool 2013