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Impressions Gallery


Still, Motion, Capture with Bradford Academy

Tue, 4th Nov, 2008

Joshua Chamberlain, Natasha Conway, Chloe Holden – Wilson, James Parker, Mariah Fosse, Jordan Hodgson, Matthias Wardman

This exhibition was created by a group of Year 9 students from Bradford Academy in collaboration with Impressions Gallery.

Using the Composure exhibition as inspiration, the group worked with professional film maker Sarabjit Kohli to create a series of seven short films using everyday situations and objects in and around the school. Challenged to use only one single locked – off shot, the students explored their surroundings to find interesting and unusual things to film. Stills are displayed to show further detail from the films.

Friends and family joined them at a celebratory event to launch the exhibition of their work in the Studio, which runs from 4 November to 24 November 2008.

Opening times vary, please call ahead.

Image: Disorientation by Chloe Holden–Wilson, Age 14


"Filming the tumble dryer with its bright colours and loud noise in a small room was really intense