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Impressions Gallery


Special Offers for Artsmark Schools

Fri, 23rd Oct, 2015

Artsmark is awarded by Arts Council England and celebrates schools that champion the arts and strive for excellence in their provision.

The award has been redesigned for the 2015/16 academic year, by schools for schools, to make it more relevant to the changing educational landscape and, as such, it seeks to help schools strike a balance in meeting EBACC and STEM priorities. Read more about the Artsmark award and how it works at

Impressions Gallery offers workshops across KS1, KS2, KS3 and KS4 that can help schools to achieve their Artsmark award. All our sessions are designed to help pupils moral, social and cultural development through discussion around our exhibitions, practical workshops and team work.

Each session can be tailored to suit different needs and can also be used to help students achieve part of their Discover Arts Award or Bronze Arts Award.

We are currently offering Artsmark schools a special discount on our gallery workshops until June 2016. To read more about our offers for different Key Stages and how to book a session download our pdf’s below:

Special offers for Artsmark Schools KS1 and KS2

Special offers for Artsmark Schools KS3 and KS4

For further information please contact Jennifer Sobol (Learning and Audience Development) by email or call 01274 737843.