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Impressions Gallery


The Animated Punk Poster School Challenge (KS1 to KS4)

Mon, 13th Jun, 2016

We are inviting schools to come and enjoy our new exhibition Rock Against Racism by Syd Shelton. The exhibition captures a pivotal moment in British politics and culture, fashion and music. Rock Against Racism (1976 to 1981) was a groundbreaking movement formed by musicians and political activists to fight racism through music. Pupils can take part in exciting interactive workshop especially designed to develop their moral, social, spiritual and cultural development through discussions around the exhibition, practical workshops and teamwork. Workshops can be adapted to suit KS1 to KS4 and can help schools to achieve their Artsmark award.

The Animated Punk Poster School Challenge
This digitally interactive workshop takes pupils on a journey around our exhibition Rock Against Racism. Pupils will learn about the artist, his artistic work and have the opportunity to create their very own anti racism PUNK POSTER inspired by the FLASHBACK installation, a collection of people’s stories, memories, photographs and memorabilia of the Rock Against Racism movement. This workshop will take pupils back in time and help them understand what it was like to be a graphic designer in the 70s before the Internet, Photoshop smart phones and social media. Back then posters were the main form of advertising and largely hand made. Pupils will be given newspapers, postcards, cut outs from magazines and stencils. They will then be set the challenge to make their very own 70s anti racist PUNK POSTER. Pupils will then work in groups using digital cameras and film editing software to learn how to make their PUNK POSTER come alive. Pupils work will be projected in the gallery at the end of the workshop, added to Impressions website and can be sent to teachers on request. 

Curriculum areas:
Art and Design, English, History, Citizenship

Learning Outcomes

This workshop explores politics, culture, race and identity using visual literacy to teach pupils how to interpret meaning in images. Pupils will:

•    Learn about the artist and his artistic work

•    Use a range of techniques including collage and filmmaking

•    Produce creative work and explore ideas

•    Develop critical skills to analyse and evaluate their own work

Arts Award:
This workshop can also be used to support Part B of Discover Arts Award  Find Out  or Part B of Bronze Arts Award Explore The Arts as an Audience Member

Booking details
•    Workshop cost £80+VAT
•    The session time is 2 hours long.
•    Maximum 35 students per session.
•    Please book at least two weeks in advance.
•    Contact Jennifer Sobol, Learning Co-ordinator to book your workshop email  tel: 01274 737843

Special workshop price for Artsmark schools

•    All sessions are being offered to Artsmark schools with a 20% discount on our standard offer until June 2017.
•    Each workshop is available for a discounted price of £64+VAT (usually £80+ VAT)

Moving Montage Schools Workshop Programme
This workshop is part of an ongoing series of Moving Montage workshops created for each exhibition at Impressions Gallery.  The Moving Montage Workshop programme will be running until June 2017. For more information and how to book email