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Impressions Gallery


RPS International Photobook Exhibition comes to Impressions Gallery

Tue, 25th Oct, 2016

The Royal Photographic Society 
International Photobook Exhibition will come to Impressions Gallery on Saturday 12 November 2016.  Photobooks will be available to browse from 10.30am to 4.30pm.

This is the first international photobook exhibition, open to all, that has been organised by the Royal Photographic Society (RPS). Submissions have been short-listed by a jury of three with international photobook experience. The 25 that passed the selection, including a winner, second and third plus one honourable mention, feature in this exhibition. All books will be available to browse by visitors.

The Royal Photographic Society says, "The photobook has evolved to become an established art form, particularly since 2000. Exhibitions and festivals are now held in many countries across Europe, the USA, Scandinavia, the Far East and Australia/New Zealand. Most photobooks are about telling a story through a series of photographs, giving a reader an in-depth repeatable experience."

The winning entry is Hometowns by John Maclean, second is Entre by Arnaldo Pappalardo, third is Missing Buildings by Thom & Beth Atkinson, with an Honourable Mention given to Five Days in Northumberland with Doris by Jeff Hutchinson.

The authors and book titles of the 25 are:

Carlos Alba, UK, The Observation of Trifles
Thom and Beth Atkinson, UK, Missing Buildings (THIRD)
Liz Benjamin, UK, Grey   
James Berrington, UK, The Place of Home
Rossella Castello, UK, Sonder   
Ana Paula Estrada, Australia, Memorandum
Alysandra de Gonville Morrison, UK, London-Holyhead A5
Chris Gravett, UK, Gravette The Heart of Hometown America
Jeff Hutchinson, UK, Five days in Northumberland with Doris (HON.MENTION)
Kacper Kowalski, Poland, Side Effects
Antoine Leblond, France, 列車がきます (ressha ga kimasu) 
Alexandra Lethbridge, UK, The Meteorite Hunter
Beata Lyky, Germany, Protected View
John MacLean, UK, Hometowns     (WINNER)
Aimée Mae, Wales, UK, Please don’t call me Vodka
Mieke klein Obbink, The Netherlands, Recollected
Arnaldo Pappalardo, Brazil, Entre (SECOND)
Max Pinckers & Quinten De Bruyn, Belgium, Lotus
Rick Pushinsky, UK, Songs of Innocence and of Experience: A Study Guide
Mafalda Rakoš, Austria, I want to disappear-Approaching Eating Disorders
Robert Zhao Renhui, Singapore, Christmas Island, Naturally
Nicolas Silberfaden, France, 738
Kiki Streitberger, UK, Travelling Light
Nat Urazmetova, UK, The Persimmon’s Fruit
Mo Verlaan, The Netherlands, Resonance