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Impressions Gallery


Me and My World: Photo journey workshop KS1 to KS2

Thu, 30th Mar, 2017

We are inviting schools to come and enjoy our next exhibition Mother River by Yan Wang Preston. The exhibition is a photographic odyssey along the entire length of the Yangtze, often known as China’s Mother River.

The workshop takes pupils on an adventure along the river exploring different seasons and landscapes, from urban to rural and natural to manmade. In the first part of the workshop, pupils will take part in discussions exploring the environment, where we live today and how it makes us who we are.

We will then work together to create a photo journey that spans the entire length of the gallery! Pupils will make paper boats and use a range of images and words to explore what we might see along an imaginary river. Using a digital camera, pupils will document their journey as is grows. At the end of the session they will use film editing software to make a short digital animation of their journey. Their work will be projected in the gallery in the final part of the session, and can be sent to teachers on request.

Curriculum areas: Art and Design, Geography

Learning Outcomes

This workshop is inspired by the KS1 and KS2 Geography curriculum. The workshop focuses on the environment exploring themes such as Bradford and where we live, seasonal weather changes; natural and manmade and urban and rural environments.

Pupils will:
• Learn about the artist and their artistic work
• Understand geographical similarities and differences
• Understand geographical terminology such as altitude, latitude and longitude
• Explore themes such as seasonal weather changes, natural and manmade, urban and rural and locality and identity.
• Use a range of techniques including craft and filmmaking
• Produce creative work and explore ideas

Arts Award: This workshop can be used to support Part B of Discover Arts Award Find Out, or Part B of Bronze Arts Award Explore The Arts as an Audience Member

Booking details

•  This workshop is available until 24 June 2017

•  Workshop cost £80+VAT
•  The session time is 2 hours long.
•   Maximum 35 students per session.
•   We advise booking at least two weeks in advance

•   Contact Jennifer Sobol, Learning Co-ordinator to book your workshop email 
tel: 01274 737843

•    Special workshop price for Artsmark schools of £64+VAT (20% discount on our standard offer usually £80+ VAT)