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Impressions Gallery


Studio exhibition: Me, Myself and MRI

Wed, 8th Apr, 2009

Me, Myself and MRI
is a new interactive exhibition exploring the boundaries between art and science. Photography, video, sound and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) data are all fused to create complete portraits of a series of individuals.

The subjects were chosen by Year 9 pupils from Archbishop Holgate’s School who decided to concentrate on capturing a comprehensive look at some of the very different people who make up society. The final six subjects were a nurse, a chaplain, a playwright, a kick-boxing champion, a TV journalist and a scientist.  They sat for photographic portraits and took part in video and audio interviews, as well as undertaking an MRI brain scan. 

The resulting data and footage has been transformed into a series of digital portraits that provide a unique representation of each of the subjects, giving a more detailed insight into what makes them all individual.  MRI scans as well as being essential diagnostic tools also produce beautiful images and highlight features that are unique to each individual.

Me, Myself and MRI is funded by The Wellcome Trust, Arts Council England, SightSonic and The Dana Foundation. Project partners include York Neuroimaging Centre, Archbishop Holgate’s School, the National Science Learning Centre and Impressions Gallery.

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The exhibition runs from 8 April to 9 May 2009. Free entry.
The Studio is sometimes closed for education events, so please call ahead before travelling.

Me, Myself and MRI  Kippa Matthews

Me, Myself and MRI Kippa Matthews