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Impressions Gallery


Workshop for Schools: Experiment with light and photography

Wed, 21st Jun, 2017

We are inviting schools to come and enjoy our exhibition Field Work: Ten Years of Photography by Liza Dracup. From nocturnal woods to wildlife specimens, Liza Dracup is inspired by the landscape and natural history of Britain. Time and light are integral to her practice, and Dracup uses a range of analogue and digital techniques to produce haunting, ethereal and mesmerising images that are often compared to paintings.

This workshop takes pupils on a journey around the exhibition. In the first part of the workshop pupils will learn about different techniques, from early photographic processes to new technologies.

In the second part of the workshop pupils will create their own camera obscura using a cardboard box, a magnifying glass and tracing paper.

In the final part of the workshop pupils will get creative by using flowers, leaves petals, natural objects a digital camera and scanner to create their own images inspired by the exhibition.

Curriculum areas
Art and Design, Science, Photography.

Learning Outcomes
Pupils will:
Learn about the artist and their artistic work.
Explore different photographic techniques and processes, including both traditional and new technologies.
Produce creative work and explore ideas.
Develop critical skills to analyse and evaluate their own work.

Booking details   
Workshop cost £80+VAT.
The session time is 2 hours long.
Maximum 35 students per session.
Where possible please book at least two weeks in advance. Contact Jennifer Sobol, Learning Co-ordinator by email: 
or telephone 01274 737843.
Special price for Artsmark schools of £64+VAT (includes 20% discount).