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Impressions Gallery


River Stories by Yan Wang Preston

Mon, 19th Nov, 2018

In a new digital project beginning on Monday 19 November and ending on Saturday 24 November, Impressions Gallery is sharing Yan Wang Preston's series of short films River Stories through social media and daily public screenings on Bradford's Big Screen.

Commissioned by Impressions Gallery, River Stories is a series of 12 sixty-second digital films that unveil unseen aspects of Yan’s Mother River project, such as the unpredictable physical expeditions, artistic struggles and first-hand stories of life in modern China across diverse geographical terrains. 

Originally exhibited at Impressions in 2017, Mother River is a photographic odyssey taking the viewer on a journey along China's Yangtze River. Fearless in her approach, Yan Preston travelled the entire 6,211km length of the Yangtze, stopping every 100km to take a picture on her large plate camera. The result is an astonishing look at the whole inner life of China composed and shot with great skill and ingenuity in often the most adverse conditions.

The 12 films, which offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the project, will be screened on Bradford's Big Screen daily at 12.45pm. Two films from the series will also be posted daily via Impressions social media channels. To keep up to date, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

River Stories is supported by public funding from Arts Council England.

Y25: 距江源2400公里 2,400km from the river source

Y25: 距江源2400公里 2,400km from the river source