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Impressions Gallery


Underground Season

Thu, 17th Sep, 2009

Underground, the Autumn/Winter season at Impressions Gallery,  explores subterranean experiences in the cultural imagination through a series of exhibitions and talks. At the heart of the Underground season are two exhibitions revealing very different underground worlds.

The Last Things
by David Moore offers an exclusive glimpse into the subterranean environment of the Ministry of Defense’s crisis management centre. This secret space, located five stories down somewhere under the streets of central London, is on constant standby to be used in the event of a major national emergency. Moore’s large-scale colour photographs reveal a claustrophobic, artificially lit, and air-conditioned environment in which a looming sense of threat is ever present.

The second exhibition, Subterrania by Fiona Crisp invites the viewer to explore underground spaces through powerful large-scale photographic works, made at various sites including early Christian catacombs in Rome, a lead mining museum in County Durham, a Second World War underground hospital in Guernsey, and Geevor, a tin mine in West Cornwall. The exhibition includes two new works made at Boulby, on the North Yorkshire / Cleveland coast. They have been created at a working potash mine that also houses a laboratory dedicated to the search for dark matter, an invisible and elusive substance believed by astronomers to hold galaxies together.

Talks and events

A series of related talks and events will explores the human fascination with underground spaces and the cultural imaginings associated with subterranean worlds.

Artist Talk with David Moore
Saturday 19 September 2009, 2pm to 3pm

Don't miss this chance to hear David Moore talk about his work in the exhibition The Last Things and join in the question and answer session afterwards. Described by writer Iain Sinclair as 'photographer of secret spaces', Moore reveals a world both technologically sophisticated and touchingly ordinary. Booking advised.
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Lazy Sunday: The End is Nigh
Sunday 1 November 2009, 12.30pm to 4.30pm

Inspired by exhibition The Last Things, Journalist Michael Molcher and editor of zine The End is Nigh, will take an informed yet satirical look at our fascination with catastrophe and the end of the world in his free illustrated talk at 2pm. Throughout the afternoon the award winning independent Comic Book Shop OK Comics, will also be transporting their Drink and Draw event over to Impressions, where like-minded comic fans will be able to exchange ideas, sup free hot tea and scribble away, with pro comic artists on hand to advise. Drop in.
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Artist Talk with Fiona Crisp
Saturday 16 January 2010 from 2pm to 3pm

The creator of Subterrania will discuss the thinking behind her choice of locations and fascination with underground spaces, the process behind the making of the work, and her ongoing enquiry into the gap between the physical experience of encountering a space and its subsequent visualisation. Booking advised.
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All exhibitions and events are FREE.

Abteilung Nr/S  Fiona Crisp

Abteilung Nr/S Fiona Crisp