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Impressions Gallery


Source Magazine Publication Opportunity

Sun, 28th Mar, 2010

Source photographic magazine will be scheduling a series of meetings with photographers on Sunday 28 March 2010 at Impressions Gallery, to view new work for consideration for publication.

Source has established itself as one of the most innovative publishers of contemporary photography. As part of its commitment to finding new work it regularly organises days at venues across the UK and Ireland to meet directly with those working with photography.

If you are interested please email John Duncan at with up to six screen resolution jpegs - approx 300k max per image - and a two paragraph description of your work. Alternatively you can email a link to a specific project on your web site. You should specify the venue name 'Impressions Gallery' in your email subject heading.

Submissions should be sent by Thursday 11 March 2010.
Eight meetings will be arranged with photographers after a selection from all submissions. Please do not contact Impressions Gallery to arrange a meeting.

normally publishes work in the form of an eight page portfolio. Although Source embraces variety, please familiarise yourself with the magazine before sending material. Unfortunately there is no fee for publication. The magazine is on sale at Impressions Gallery and can be seen online at