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Impressions Gallery


YOUnique with Bradford Academy

Sat, 2nd Feb, 2008

Exhibition in the Studio: 2 February to 2 March 2008

This exhibition was created by six pupils from Bradford Academy working alongside Colombian photographer and video artist Juan Pablo Echeverri. The pupils are Leonnie, Dominic, Hayley, Alison, Ky-Leigh and Curt, and all are pupils at the newly opened Bradford Academy.

The pupils visited Impressions Gallery for two full days in January 2008 and worked alongside Juan Pablo to produce this work. The pupils drew inspiration from Juan Pablo's Miss fotojapón, shown as part of the exhibition Once more with feeling: Recent photography from Colombia.

Miss fotojapón, which began almost ten years ago, is an ongoing work in which the artist takes a passport booth photo of himself everyday. The pupils also watched Juan Pablo’s video works in which he invents different identities for himself and performs as these characters.

Juan Pablo and the pupils explored ideas inspired by his work, such as the links between identity and appearance, similarities and differences between people, and what makes us unique. They used choreography, dialogue, filming and stop-motion animation to create the video work YOUnique.

This exhibition includes stills from YOUnique as well as the video work itself. You can also view YOUnique on the Bradford Big Screen.


Pupils from Bradford Academy working with artist Juan Pablo Echeverri

Pupils from Bradford Academy working with artist Juan Pablo Echeverri