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YPN Yorkshire Photographers Network, Workshop: 'Painting with Light'

Wed, 7th Dec, 2011

Yorkshire Photographers Network are running an on location painting with light workshop.

Find out how you can make amazing special effects without Photoshop or lots of other expensive gear - all you need (apart from your camera) is a tripod, a torch and suitable outdoor clothing. Find out how to make ghosts, put yourself (or someone else) in the picture several times, paint the landscape different colours, create a UFO...

What you need...

Essential equipment: Digital camera with at least some degree of manual control, torch, tripod, suitable outdoor clothing, plastic bag to put your camera in if it starts raining.

Optional equipment: Spare battery & memory card, flashgun, cable release, brightly coloured transparent sweet wrappers, battery powered christmas tree lights, string, sellotape.

This workshop costs £15.00 - Pay via eventbrite:
This is an location based workshop taking place at the Cow and Calf rocks near llkley, for more information please contact