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Impressions Gallery


Creative Together Family Workshops

Mon, 1st Oct, 2012

From October to December 2012 we are running a programme of workshops in partnership with Artworks for local families to learn and be creative together.

Working with photographer Jonathan Turner and Bradford Community Broadcasting’s Danny Carrol, families will learn skills in photography, interviewing, and radio broadcast techniques. The project will run over 3 months and will document participants experience of Bradford today, in response to the Roads to Wigan Pier exhibition at Impressions Gallery.

At the end of the programme the work produced by participants will be shown in a month long exhibition in the Studio at Impressions Gallery.

About Creative Together

Creative Together is a programme to help families enjoy learning together. Bradford-based arts organisation Artworks will bring adults and children together through a fun programme of arts and creative activities that will benefit the whole family.  Traditional teaching can be off-putting for many, but Creative Together’s hands-on approach will break down the barriers to learning by being fun, accessible and inclusive.