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Leirhnj˙kshraun, Krafla, Iceland, 2004 by Stephen Vaughan

Limited edition print from the series Ultima Thule by Stephen Vaughan

C-type (colour photograph), hand printed by the artist
16 x20” paper, signed and numbered verso (on reverse)
Edition of 20 prints
£250 inc VAT (unmounted and unframed)

Available to buy in interest free installments through the Own Art scheme.

Working with a large format camera in Iceland, Vaughan depicts some of the rawest and youngest surfaces on Earth. His monumental landscapes reveal volcanic fissures, shifting tectonic plates, and steaming sulphurous pools, and investigate the persistent human urge to explore unknown territory.

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Leirhnj˙kshraun, Krafla, Iceland by Stephen Vaughan

Leirhnj˙kshraun, Krafla, Iceland by Stephen Vaughan