Bitesize: Talk and tour with Asiya Hussain every Saturday — Impressions Gallery

Pop in to Impressions Gallery on Saturdays at 12pm to learn a little bit more about the exhibition from our friendly Gallery Assistant, Asiya Hussain. The talk is perfectly timed to follow on from Story Time in City Library, next door to the Gallery.

Asiya says, ‘Join me for a casual 5-minute introductory talk about Our Plastic Ocean by Mandy Barker. It’ll be short, brief and to the point!” Afterwards, feel free to browse our wide range of photobooks in our bookshop, or check out the family activities at Saturday Stop if you’re interested in some colouring and creativity.

Our Plastic Ocean, by international award-winning photographer Mandy Barker, addresses the current global crisis of marine plastic pollution.  Barker collects debris from shorelines across the world and transforms them into powerful and captivating images. From footballs to fishing nets, cotton-buds to coffee-cup lids, she highlights the incongruous plastic items now ubiquitous in our seas.

As well as photographs made over the last decade, the exhibition also features notebooks and journals documenting Barker’s voyages; a case of sand permeated with microplastics recovered from a Hawaiian beach; and an installation of suspended footballs, crowdsourced from around the world for her 2014 World Cup project Penalty.