We offer colleges and universities a range of talks, workshops and resources to support students’ in their studies.

Self-led gallery visits FREE 

We always welcome group visits to the gallery. Where possible please notify us in advance of your visit so we can advise you if there are other events or workshops due to take place in the gallery.

Introductions to our exhibitions FREE 

We offer 10 minute introductory talks about our exhibitions, bookable in advance. Our free learning resources also provide ideas for group activities in response to each exhibition. Browse our resources at https://www.impressions-gallery.com/resources.

Specialist Talks 

If you are interested in a more in-depth insight into our exhibition, a member of our programming team can lead an extended session. These hour-long talks provide an overview of Impressions’ history as well as a more detailed insight into our exhibition, including discussion of themes, layout and curation of the work. These sessions are available for £150+VAT.

How to book