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Overlapse is an independent visual arts and photobooks imprint based in London UK. They primarily publish ‘visual literature’—books that are photographic in foundation but ultimately focused on storytelling. Overlapse chooses subjects and stories which address social, cultural, and environmental issues, with themes connected to human experience. Through close collaboration with photographers and artists we create unique, desirable, and beautifully produced books. 

Hear Amani Willett in conversation with Tiffany Jones, founder of Overlapse, speak about his new book A Parallel Road.

A Parallel Road by Amani Willett

This multi-layered work explores the Black experience of driving in America over the past 85 years. By picturing how it has too often been marked by fear, violence and death, A Parallel Road challenges representations of the American ideal of the road trip that have long dominated our view through artistic and literary media. Referencing the historical Negro Motorist Green Book, and layering archival and new images, it examines the question of how long the road will continue to be a site of violence and oppression for Black people in American society.

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Virtual Stalls: Overlapse — Impressions Gallery

Altered Ocean by Mandy Barker

A comprehensive catalogue of Mandy Barker's photographic works exposing the crisis of plastic pollution in the world's oceans. Her aim is to expand public awareness of the environmental crisis by using aesthetically attractive visuals to communicate evolving scientific research. This in-depth survey features series made over the past ten years, including works from INDEFINITE, SOUP, SHOAL, PENALTY, Hong Kong Soup:1826 and Beyond Drifting. Numerous reproductions from Mandy's sketchbooks offer a behind the scenes look into her thought process during project development.

Virtual Stalls: Overlapse — Impressions Gallery

Lviv – God’s Will by Viacheslav Poliakov

A kind of madness has taken hold in public spaces in post-Soviet Ukraine since the country gained independence in ‘91. While it has struggled financially and logistically to keep up with maintenance, frustrated citizens arbitrarily modify and beautify their surroundings at will. Over time the accumulation of these various expressions highlights a way of life, and reflects the evolving psychological and sociopolitical mindset of Ukrainians. Meanwhile the country fights to maintain its existence against Russian influence and invasion, while living in the shadow of western economic abundance of the EU which lies just beyond reach.
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Virtual Stalls: Overlapse — Impressions Gallery

Metropole by Lewis Bush

Metropole documents the brutal uprooting of London’s foundations at the hands of corporate developers, for the benefit of wealthy investors and absentee property speculators. In the wake of aggressive high-end development, genuinely affordable housing has diminished and residents of London are pushed ever further out from the core.

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Virtual Stalls: Overlapse — Impressions Gallery

Why we love Overlapse

Overlapse have been one of our favourite publishers for ages. We love how closely they work with photographers and designers to produce beautifully produced and tactile photobooks that are always focused on telling a story. Our top picks are Amani Willet’s Parallel Road, this multi-layered work explores the Black experience of driving in America over the past 85 years and Mandy Barker’s book Altered Ocean, a comprehensive catalogue of Mandy Barker’s photographic works exposing the crisis of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans.

Meet the publisher

  • Virtual Stalls: Overlapse — Impressions Gallery

    Tiffany Jones

    I studied photojournalism in college, and have focused on street photography for a number of years.

    I’m still photographing, but more recently have focused on project editing and continuing my education – I completed my MA in Publishing from Oxford Brookes University graduating with distinction in Jan 2016. My research dissertation is entitled Current dynamics of the photobooks market, future publishing viability, and potential for audience expansion.

    I founded the visual arts publishing imprint Overlapse, releasing the acclaimed photobook The Longest Way Round by Chris Dorley-Brown in Nov 2015.