Exhibition Programme 2024 — Impressions Gallery

We are pleased to announce our programme for 2024, including an exhibition highlighting the personal stories of Afghan interpreters, a new partnership with Peckham 24, and a celebration of the work of Café Royal Books:

We Are Here, Because You Were There: Afghan Interpreters in the UK
Andy Barnham and Sara de Jong

16 February to 4 May 2024

A collaborative project by photographer and British Army veteran Andy Barnham, with researcher Sara de Jong, our next exhibition documents the experiences of Afghan interpreters who were employed by the British Army in Afghanistan between 2004 and 2021, and later resettled to the UK.

Through portraiture, quotes and photographs from Afghanistan, We Are Here, Because You Were There invites viewers to engage with the individuals, their families and the human stories behind the headlines. The exhibition also premieres five portraits of veteran activists who continue to advocate for the protection and rights of their former colleagues. To read more about the exhibition click here.


Back to the Future
Partnership with Peckham 24

8 June to 31 August 2024

Back to the Future will explore work by artists working with archives past, present and future. The exhibition will combine a mix of projects that range from the socially-engaged and political, to the fantastical and light-hearted, addressing subjects that are important to the current generation of image-makers.

Launching at Peckham 24 in London, during the largest annual weekend of photography in the UK, the exhibition will then tour to Impressions Gallery this summer.


Café Royal Books

14 September to 30 November 2024

An exhibition celebrating the work of Café Royal Books, an independent publisher founded by Craig Atkinson in 2005, dedicated to post-war photography from Britain, with a particular interest in unseen or overlooked work. Published weekly in an accessible and affordable zine format, the books have a broad appeal for their photographic and historic interest. Many of the photographers published by Café Royal had their first exhibition at Impressions – such as Martin Parr and Daniel Meadows – or have been exhibited at the gallery, including Jo Spence, Chris Killip, and more recently Sophie Gerrard.

Coinciding with the exhibition, our annual Photobook Fair will take place on Saturday 28 September 2024, with a focus on independent, non-mainstream, grassroots and self-published photobooks and zines.

Images: 004 We Are Here, 004 Ended Up With Nothing and Passport WS © Andy Barnham; Quote © Sara de Jong; Butlin’s by the Sea: Butlin’s Filey, Yorkshire, 1972 © Daniel Meadows.