New Focus

New Focus, our young people’s collective, have developed an exciting project in collaboration with Bradford College. The project will explore the ancestral history of a unique group of young people in Bradford.

The project is inspired by our current exhibition Nalini by Arpita Shah. In Nalini, Arpita Shah explores the connected histories of  her mother, her grandmother and herself. Through photography and heirloom objects, Shah reconnects with the past and explores how migration, distance and loss has shaped her heritage.

New Focus will work together with photography students at Bradford College to develop a powerful digital story that shares the family histories of this diverse group of young people.

Forget-me-not will feature portraits, objects and family photographs sharing cross cultural and intergenerational stories. The project will include family heirlooms, such as a sari, old passports and jewellery once belonging to a loved one. Forget-me-not will share forgotten stories, as young people explore how the lives of their ancestors have shaped who they are today.

Forget-me-not can be seen at Impressions Gallery, alongside Arpita Shah’s exhibition, from 20 March to 27 of March.

Join New Focus and the students from Bradford College for a celebratory event on Friday 20 March from 4pm to 5pm as they showcase their stories on the Bradford Big Screen.