Step inside Mandy Barker’s photographs and explore marine plastic pollution in this immersive digital experience. Go on a journey through submarine worlds and find out about the unintended life of plastics at sea.

For over a decade, Mandy Barker has worked at the intersection of art and science to reveal the global crisis of marine plastic pollution. She collects debris from shorelines across the world and transforms them into powerful and captivating images.

Her work can now be experienced in virtual reality, thanks to a team of eight students from Stanford University, California. The experience has been built, tested and refined by Stanford students, under the guidance of Professor Geri Migielicz, and was first made available alongside Mandy Barker’s exhibition at Impressions Gallery, Our Plastic Ocean

Ripple has been designed on a platform for everyone to access. The experience can be enjoyed at home on laptops, phones, and virtual reality headsets, including Google Cardboard.

To view the experience, visit

On your VR headset:
Wait for the page to load and click the goggle symbol in the bottom right corner for a fully immersive 360° experience.

On your phone:
Watch as a full screen video or click the goggle symbol in the bottom right corner and insert your phone into your VR headset, ensure your audio is turned on for the full experience.

On your desktop:
Click the goggle symbol in the bottom right corner to see the experience in full screen and use your mouse to ‘look around’.