Front by Trish Morrissey


Front is a series twelve photographs that uses the family group and the beach as metaphors for borders and boundaries; both physical and psychological. It is a multi-layered body of work in which the artist, Trish Morrissey, appears to shape shift into different female personas, usually the mother figure, as she poses with different groups.


Front contains two texts. In the first, Passing Strange: Familial Impostors in the Photographs of Trish Morrissey, Pippa Oldfield teases out the notion of ‘age-old cultural anxieties about the impostor mother’. The second, The Cuckoo, is a ficitional short story by Anne McNeill in which the protagonist recounts her childhood after a life changing day at the beach.



20.5 cm x 16 cm

48 pages


Designed by LOUP

Published by Impressions Gallery 2010

ISBN 0-906361-12-5

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