No Silver Bird by Dan Commons


No silver bird takes images made over a 4 year period and printed in a makeshift darkroom in commons’ attic. Influenced by ‘Provoke’ era Japanese photography, ‘No Silver Bird’ evades inordinate narratives and invites the viewer to engage with the images on their own terms. The book also acts as a celebration of the darkroom and the failures that occur in the process, including solarisations and chemigrams. Printed on silver paper from the original scanned darkroom prints showing the relationship between form and abstraction.


20 cm x 25 cm

Edition of 100

Special Edition of 10 with 10×8 darkroom print.

Soft Cover with black wire binding

72 pages

Printed on 120gsm Peregrina Majestic Real Silver

Published Salt n Pepper Press, 2019.


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