Oil Sands by Alan Gignoux


The project documents the devastating effects that the extraction of Oil can have on a landscape, as well as the complicated human relationship with the oil industry. Alan spent over 5 years documenting and interviewing people that live and work within the industry in Alberta, Canada.


Hidden within the vast landscapes are a number of pockets that contain fragments of often-overlooked stories documenting the experiences of the people most affected by the oil industry in this area. ‘Oil Sands’ is a hand-bound book.


Stanley James Press designed this publication as well as hand binding each copy. Working with curator Chloe Juno.


25.5 cm x 35 cm

Textured card cover and hard slip sleeve

The book contains a number of smaller pages and pockets

Smaller book inside, interviews with people with that live and work with Oil

Edition of 200

64 pages

Published Alan Gignoux, 2018

ISBN: 978-1999961008

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