Our Eyes – Photography by the Children and New generation of Lajee Centre With Rich Wiles


‘Our Eyes’ is not a mere book displaying a number of photographs; it is a creation of children who have been scoured by the injustices of life, much as their ascendants have been. Because these children have loved life, they challenge it. In simplicity, not in complexity, they have touched the secret of creativity. They believe as we all do at Lajee Centre, that such cultural creation is derived its significance from reflecting the truth, and the real human emotions and thoughts that stand behind it. Is there anything more beautiful than children’s creativity?


This book by Lajee Centre is an open letter from Lajees Children to the entire world. It is an open letter that does not beg anyone; it announces that Palestine’s people are still creative, as they were always, and still be able to add to the humanity.


‘Our Eyes’ is not a collection of photographs showing the refugee camp and refugees; it is visions that can not be explored by looking only at what we see, but by discovering what they are looking for.

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