Photography and Archaeology by Frederick N. Bohrer

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In Photography and Archaeology, Frederick Bohrer examines some of history’s most famous archaeological excavations, as well as lesser-known and previously unpublished finds, from the Mediterranean, Middle East, Asia, Europe and the Americas, and the ways these sites have been represented in photographs.


Beautifully illustrated with fine archaeological images, many published here for the first time, Photography and Archaeology will be of interest to archaeologists, art historians and photographers, as well as anyone concerned with, or captivated by, archaeology’s ongoing engagement with the past.


Part of the Exposures series. Exposures is a series of books on photography designed to explore the rich history of the medium from thematic perspectives. Each title, written by an authority in the area, presents a striking collection of c. 80 images and an engaging, accessible text that offers intriguing insights into a specific theme or subject.


22 × 19cm

184 pages


ISBN 978186189870891

illustrations, 50 in colour

Published by Reaktion Books, November 2011

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