Photography and Humour by Louis Kaplan

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The ticklish subject of humour is often on the sidelines of writing about photography, yet photos often entertain us with their wit and visual jokes. Photography and Humour remedies this situation by providing a history of photographic laughter, gathering together over one hundred images. In this first survey to look at the history of photography through the lens of humour, Louis Kaplan reviews some of the important ways photographers from the mid-1800s to today have found humour in the world, and how viewers have found amusement in photographs.


Part of the Exposures series. Exposures is a series of books on photography designed to explore the rich history of the medium from thematic perspectives. Each title, written by an authority in the area, presents a striking collection of c. 80 images and an engaging, accessible text that offers intriguing insights into a specific theme or subject.


22cm × 19cm

200 pages


110 illustrations, 55 in colour

ISBN 9781780236513

Published by Reaktion Books, October 2016

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