Photography and Literature by François Brunet


Studies of literature and photography tend to assess the literary effects of photography, with literature seen as the older, broader, more established cultural form, and photography the new, alien upstart. Photography and Literature instead reverses the angle of vision to examine photo­graphy’s encounters with literature from the point of view of photography, providing a new way of understanding its interplay with literature and the printed page.


Part of the Exposures series. Exposures is a series of books on photography designed to explore the rich history of the medium from thematic perspectives. Each title, written by an authority in the area, presents a striking collection of c. 80 images and an engaging, accessible text that offers intriguing insights into a specific theme or subject.


22cm × 19cm

176 pages


92 illustrations, 40 in colour

ISBN 9781861894298

Published by Reaktion Books, June 2009

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