The Moon Belongs to Everyone by Stacy Mehrfar


The Moon Belongs to Everyone by Stacy Mehrfar, is a response to the contemporary experience of migration – of shifting continents and mindsets. A multi-layered visual narrative set in a non-locatable landscape, the book reflects upon the loss of roots, and search for belonging in the wake of immigration.


The book progresses through an alternating landscape of both time and perspective. In photographs of portraits, still lives, architecture, landscape and nature, patterns and sites converge and return later in seemingly different positions. The solitary subjects of the portraits are unknown to each other and come from different parts of the world – yet they are caught in a similar liminal space – hovering somewhere between ‘there’ and ‘here’. When viewed together they are experienced as a collective, sharing common grounds.


16.5 cm x 22.5 cm

112 Pages


Published my GOST

ISBN: 978-1-910401-35-4

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