Seven Years by Trish Morrissey (Signed)


In a series of elaborately staged portraits, Morrissey worked closely with her elder sister to impersonate family members (both real and imagined) and re-enact memories familiar to all of us – childhood birthdays or holidays at the seaside. The resulting series of colour photographs is titled Seven Years, referring to the age gap between Morrissey and her sister. She made the images at her former family home, using old clothes found in her parents’ attic or searching second hand shops for the perfect prop, to meticulously recreate the atmosphere of the seventies and eighties.


In contrast to most family photos, the people in her images rarely smile, allowing the viewer to concentrate on the gestures and body language, which reveal hidden tensions between family members. They are at once nostalgic and unsettling.

Seven Years
contains an interview between Anne McNeill Impressions Gallery’s Director and Trish Morrissey with text by Anne McNeill exploring family albums and the meaning of domestic photography.

Edited by Anne McNeill


20.5 cm x 16 cm

32 pages


Designed by LOUP

Published by Impressions Gallery 2004

ISBN 0-906361-76-1

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