Velvet Black by Fleur Olby


In Velvet Black my light reapproaches daylight, particularly as it fades to black. The first in my series from Colour from Black where my long-term body of work explores ideas on Nature’s Quiet, Beauty, Sensation and Place through a childhood landscape – The connection through the differential scale of plants, gardens and the landscape beyond.


In a quiet subtle way Velvet Black performs An Ode to the Victorians – The series addresses the historical and present-day collecting and tending of plants. Merging in and out of the black velvet background the colour surround becoming both background and foreground highlighting and blurring the captions as the pages progress. Portraying the transience of daylight and blooms. The captions varying between botanical and informal names.



21 cm x 14.8 cm

39 pages

Paperback, Side Singer binding

Published by Fleur Olby 2018

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